Dear Editor:

Speed Trap Bill HB 606, authorizing RADAR and LIDAR for local Pennsylvania police and Moving RADAR for the State Police, should be voted down by the Legislature. Speed Trap Bill HB 606 exists solely to unfairly tax safe drivers in Pennsylvania and has nothing to do with highway safety.

Putting money above the safety of Pennsylvania drivers is to be expected from the RADAR lobby who want our money.

Why is the Legislature pushing the RADAR lobby's agenda?  Isn't drivers' safety important?

Speed limits in Pennsylvania are purposely set too slow to facilitate ticket writing. 90% of the limits in Pennsylvania are posted too slow by 8 to 16 miles per hour [Federal Highway Administration study]. That makes it easy to give  $170+ “speeding” tickets to safe drivers.  

Yet officials who have zero knowledge of true highway safety would have you believe that there is an epidemic of speeders running amok that can only be cured by putting RADAR and LIDAR in the hands of local police. In fact, Pennsylvania’s highways have never been safer, according to PennDOT.

Local roads have speed limits set by officials with an agenda of raising revenue via tickets, instead of having highway engineers set limits at the safest speed by using actual time-tested safety guidelines. The bill sponsors are preying on the public’s lack of true highway safety knowledge to ram their bills into law, as they constantly harp on the “speed kills” lie. A US Department of Transportation study finds only five percent of crashes caused by excessive speed. That removes any justification for RADAR and LIDAR everywhere to unfairly tax safe drivers.

Add to that the inaccuracies of RADAR and LIDAR. We all know the stories of the tree clocked at 90 miles per hour: that is the rule with RADAR, not the exception. The accuracy of laser-based speed guns (LIDAR) has been shown to be unproven in 95% or more of the country's courts.

Tell your Representative and Senator to VOTE NO on Speed Trap Bill HB 606.  Thank you.

Tom McCarey   Member, National Motorists Association

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