EC/WP – The USPS on 53rd and Florence uses a big block as a door stop.  It is a trip and fall hazard, especially when the door is closed and it is just an obstacle.  Plus, it might be a ‘back-breaker’ to use.

Wrath? No, just SMFH.  Hellooo, Federal Government, installing a traditional door stop is an inexpensive and simple solution. 


CC/SH-UC – Wants Mailboxes to open a little further.  The restrictions do not permit deposit of fairly standard mail.  Wrath? No, exasperation.  Would a compromise opening-size possible?  Recognizing the problems caused by those who deposit trash/not-mail, can we fix the social issues and restore convenience?


LM/GC-WP – Is tired of Drivers and Bikers who do not signal their intentions. Traffic seems more chaotic and dangerous.  Wrath? No, vexation. Cautious drivers do not want to be blamed for preventable ‘fender-benders’, or for damage to cycles or riders.  How can we get people to use turn signals and otherwise indicate their direction?


Also LM/GC-WP – Doesn’t want to run over any humans or pets.  Can those walking around after dark please wear something light colored, and if walking a pet, use a reflective leash? Wrath? No a passion for shopping local! Baltimore Avenue Pet Shop sells reflective Halters and Leashes, and Second Mile Center carried reflective vests, shirts and jackets, many not even used, all at crazy, low prices.


COMMENDATIONS for CITIZEN CRUSADERS (C3) and those who suggest, or even better implement, solutions.

“A soft answer turneth away wrath.” Proverbs.  


MF/NLibs – Feels super grateful to the people and organization at the Vaccination site at the Convention Center.  He got his first vaccine once all were eligible, and found it fast, easy and reassuring.


DR/GC-WP – Is very grateful to the beautiful young woman who, seeing DR’s distress and confusion while trying to walk across 47th at Pine, during a period of high and inconsiderate traffic at the 4-way Stop sign, pulled over, offered her arm, and walked her to safety.


KM/SoSo-CC – Loves the River Walk and appreciates the many who volunteered ideas, time, energy and talent


We can’t do everything, but let’s applaud those who do something to make our city brighter, safer and more fun. 

This column hopes to applaud those who step forward for positive change.

Please send your complaints &/or solutions and nominate a good citizen, behavior, event or offer solutions.

They might be published.  Bonus points for humorous descriptions of the perpetrators, heroes, problems and solutions.  Include, feel free to let our readers know what actions you took to be a C3.


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