Image: “Black Friday Is Cancelled” (#BFIC), a 10 day holiday shopping campaign in support of Philadelphia’s small and minority businesses community launched on November 27.

Rasheed Abdellah

Indie-Life’s goodie bags, filled with products and service vouchers from indie-businesses and makers, can be “earned” by either shopping at a small brick-and-mortar or online store, or by volunteering at a local nonprofit. 

 “Our BFIC campaign is solidly built on three pillars: Shop small and buy local, invest in your community, and invest in yourself,” says Rasheed Abdellah, BFIC-founder. “We want to deepen the current national sentiment shifting away from Black Friday-style commercialism and join the call for better support for indie-business.”

The campaign has already garnered endorsements and praise from Philadelphia’s elected officials like State Senator Anthony Williams, State Representatives Brian Sims, Rick Krawjewsk and Malcolm Kenyatta, as well as Councilmembers Jamie Gauthier, Derek Green, Isaiah Thomas, Mary Isaacson, Kendra Brooks, and Katherine Gilmore Richardson.

 “By shopping small and local, we can support our families and friends in our communities,” said Rep. Sims. “Our dollars have legs!” 

“I’m very excited to endorse Indie-Life’s “Black Friday is cancelled” in support of small businesses across Philadelphia,”added Rep. Krajewski. “During this time of economic hardship, I can’t think of a better way to support our community than putting our dollars towards local businesses rather than big store chains or corporations.”

To further spotlight Philadelphia’s diverse small business community, Indie-Life will debut “My Indie Work Space.” The original web series will feature local entrepreneurs and creatives -- including Emmy Award-winning costume designer and fabricator of Black Dolls Matter Mark Ruffin -- and highlight their IRL and virtual workspaces, as well as their unique lifestyles as Indie-Lifers. 

Philadelphians can follow these fascinating stories and conversations around entrepreneurship, small business growth and resilience on all social media platforms via and by following @indielifemedia and hashtag #IBWknd20 on all social media platforms.

#BFIC encourages shoppers city-wide to spend their dollars with local retail and out-of-home businesses, restaurants, and nonprofits for a chance to win one of Indie-Life’s “Goodie Bags.” 

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