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Well over three months ago, we sent out an email blast as well as Facebook notifications that the editor and publisher of the University City Review and Philadelphia Free Press, Bob Christian, came down with a very bad case of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

Today, we would like to let you know Bob’s current situation. He was released from Jefferson University Hospital the first week of February, no longer carrying Covid-19 with him, but he suffers from the damage that the virus has done and is working on overcoming some of those issues. He is in a special rehab now to wean off the ventilator. After that, he will be going for additional rehab to get his strength back.

All this to say that Bob faces a lengthy recovery.

On the newspaper front:

We intend to publish our digital editions again which will come out twice a month, on the first and third Wednesday of each month. In addition, we started the new year with a new website. This is a work in progress as we develop the depth and broadness of our local coverage of the neighborhoods we serve. Please check it out at . Your comments are always welcomed!

Additionally, we received a very generous Covid-19 grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to help our operation navigate these difficult times.

We want to express how grateful we are to our community and our readership, as well as to our advertisers who make it possible for us to start to publish again.

Finally, we also want to thank all those many, many people who have contacted us with concern and interest about Bob’s progress. Your thoughts and prayers for Bob’s recovery continue to be much appreciated and meaningful. 


Claudia Christian, Associate Publisher, and Family

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