Image: Spring Garden 2021: The Most Popular Trends for Inspiration, According to Pinterest

The idea of using plastic bottles to create vertical garden.

Spring Garden 2021: The Most Popular Trends for Inspiration, According to Pinterest

  • Recycle and re-purpose are the most popular garden trends of 2021 - 269,869 Pinterest pins
  • In second place, balcony gardens are the second most popular garden trend (264,966 pins)
  • Sustainable gardens rank as the third most popular garden trend with 250,613 pins
  • Themes for this year’s garden trends are small spaces, relaxation and sustainability

This year’s Earth Day (22nd of April) theme is about restoration and with’s recent study on the houseplant that emits the least amount of CO2, green-fingered conservation is on our mind. 

One way to embrace our planet is via our gardens, which we spend at least 39 minutes a day tending to. As there is an abundance of online information and inspiration from social media, creating the perfect garden space has never been easier.

Gardening decor experts examined exclusive online lists for 2021’s spring garden trends and, by scraping data from the “inspiration platformPinterest, can exclusively reveal the most popular garden trends for spring 2021.


Garden Trend

Number of Pinterest Pins


Recycle and repurpose garden



Balcony garden



Sustainable garden



White garden



Vertical garden



Garden office



Social space garden



Split level garden



Staycation garden



Rustic retreat garden


The top garden trend for 2021 is the recycle and repurpose garden with 269,869 Pinterest pins. Pinterest boards, within this craze, show inspiration on how to recycle everyday items and repurpose them as plant and flowerpots and garden decoration.

In second place with 264,966 Pinterest pins are balcony gardens. Throughout the year, city occupants have had to become creative with their outdoor areas, and so this Pinterest trend displays examples of maximising those small spaces.

Ranking in third, and keeping with Earth Day’s theme, are sustainable gardens with 250,613 pins. The trend supplies informative inspiration on limiting waste, how to be self-sufficient, and even tips on guerrilla gardening.

On the other end, in tenth place are rustic retreat gardens with 6,529 Pinterest pins. The trend forecasting company, WGSN reports this as a major theme for 2021’s gardens as the calming colours and natural resources “brings a casual elegance to outdoor settings”.

Stefan Gheorghe from commented:

“Gardens have become far more than just a place to plot plants. Over the past year, we’ve seen consumers wanting to convey a sense of relaxation into their accommodations and offices. And with the weather warming up, a lot of people are now looking to recreate garden spaces to mimic interiors such as garden studios and social spaces.

People no longer need a large plot of land to create their ideal green oasis - those with small outdoor spaces like balconies can create gardens via a multi-functional solution such as vertical gardening. 

In addition, as staycations are on the rise this year, many homeowners are looking to design garden spaces that remind them of their favourite holidays. Bars and tall, leafy plants will be an emerging decor trend this year.”

Image: Spring Garden 2021: The Most Popular Trends for Inspiration, According to Pinterest


  1. scoured exclusive lists online (including on 2021’s spring trends for the garden.
  2. then searched for each trend on and by using a web scraping tool, they were able to trawl through all the boards to extract the exact number of pins.
  3. The results were then calculated and added to a finalised sheet to deduce the top ten most popular trends.
  4. Data was collected on the 13th of April 2021. 

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