Image: Philadelphia Eagles demolished the Denver Broncos 30 - 13 to stay alive in the Playoff Race

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay jump into the arms of an Eagles teammate after he celebrates his 83-yard fumble recovery and touchdown run. 

The football dropped on the ground like a hot potato. Darius Slay picked up the football once. He bobbled the football twice. After he picked up the fumbled football, the Eagles cornerback zigged, zagged through a bunch of Denver defenders. Darius Slay then found a crease between two Denver Broncos players. At that moment, the 6-foot, 190-pound cornerback was able to regain his balance. That’s when Darius Slay looked up and took off like a speed of lightning. The speedy cornerback was gone. Slay took the ball to the house for an 83-yard touchdown. His touchdown looked so electrifying on television. Eagles kicker Jake Elliott added on the extra point that gave the Philadelphia Eagles a 27-13 lead in the third quarter. Slay’s 83-yard touchdown was the longest fumble recovery made by an Eagle player since 2016 when Walter Thurmond ran one back for an 83-yard touchdown against the New York Giants. 

After Darius Slay’s electrifying touchdown run, the Philadelphia Eagles cruised to a 30-13 victory over the Denver Broncos. It was the fourth time the Eagles have won a game on the road. Despite their 4-6 record, the Eagles are still in control of their own destiny. And even though they haven’t won a game at Lincoln Financial Field, the Eagles are still in a hunt for a playoff spot. With seven games coming up on schedule against the New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, New York Giants, the Washington team and the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles could find themselves with a 9-8 record which could be enough for a playoff berth. Looking at some of the other teams around the National Football League, the Eagles’ luck could be starting to change. In their remaining regular season, the Eagles will end their season with four home games.

Right now, the playoff picture is still looking good for the Philadelphia Eagles. The way the rest of the season looks, the Eagles could easily get on a long winning streak. It would take Jalen Hurts to keep on playing good football. In last Sunday’s game, the Eagles quarterback completed 16 of 23 passes for 178 yards. Hurts threw for two touchdowns and had only one interception. It was his first interception in four games. Right now, Jalen Hurts looks like a great quarterback. Throughout this season, Hurts has used the entire field to complete his passes. He has been able to spread the ball around the field. His passes are more on target. Last Sunday, did you see that incredible touchdown pass that Jalen Hurts threw to Devonta Smith in the end zone ? What a spectacular catch made by Smith. The ball was right there for Smith to catch and beat his defender in the end zone. This season, Jalen Hurts is playing with more confidence. He has tremendous poise. You can see the improvement in his game. Today, Hurts is playing more like a franchise quarterback.

Going into Sunday’s football game, the Eagles’ defense needs to keep on stepping up. They need to keep putting more pressure on those quarterbacks. Last Sunday, the Eagles’ defense didn’t allow Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to throw any touchdown passes. Also, they only allowed Broncos receiver Courtland Sutton to make two catches in the game. The Eagles held the Denver Broncos to 13 points. Eagles defensive linemen Fletcher Cox and Javon Hargrave need to keep playing great defense.

Last Sunday, Eagles linebacker Davion Taylor forced that fumble out of Melvin Gordon’s hands. He punched the ball loose. It happened when Gordon lost his grip on the football. That enabled Darius Slay to pick up the fumble and run it back for a 83-yard touchdown. It was Slay’s second touchdown of the season. He ran back a fumble for a 33-yard touchdown against the Detroit Lions on October 31.

Another thing that’s making the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense click…. the team has added Jordan Howard to their backfield. Since coming back to the Eagles, the former Chicago Bears running back has played two games and scored three touchdowns for the Eagles. Last season, the Eagles released Howard and he became a free agent. He went to the Miami Dolphins where things didn’t work out in his favor. Then he came back to the Eagles where he spent time on the practice squad. Now, he’s playing like a star running back again. On the football field, Howard has added extra fire power to the Eagles’ offense. Last week, the Eagles agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Jordan Howard. The contract is worth little more than one million dollars. Back in 2019, Howard had 525 rushing yards and he scored six rushing touchdowns for the Eagles. He also caught 10 passes and scored another touchdown on a pass play. His seven touchdowns led the Eagles that season despite him missing the final six games with a shoulder injury.

Now with their running game intact, for this Sunday, the Eagles will face the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field. Sunday’s game is set for 1 PM. Expect Jalen Hurts to have a monster game. My prediction: Philadelphia Eagles 38; New Orleans Saints 34.

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