Image: It’s official: Coco Gauff and Venus Williams have teamed up to play Doubles at 2021 French Open

A photo of Coco Gauff from her fan club. She and Venus William will be doubles partners at the French Open.

In a surprise announcement to kick off the French Open, 17-year-old Coco Gauff will join forces with 40-year-old Venus Williams as the two tennis stars will become doubles partners at this year’s French Open matches at Roland Garros tournament in Paris. This will be the first time Coco Gauff will hit the court as a double partner with Venus Williams.     


The French Open will kick off today (on Wednesday, June 2 ) in Paris and this will be the first time that Venus Williams will be playing in a doubles match since 2019. She and partner Harriet Dart competed together at the WTA 250 event in Strabourg, France in 2019. During her pro tennis career, Williams has been a great doubles partner. Williams has a phenomenal record as a doubles player having won 14 Grand Slams titles. She won them all with her sister, Serena Williams, who will be shooting for her 24th Grand Slam singles title at the French Open.                                   


Meantime it has been a different story for Coco Gauff. The 17-year-old tennis star has played in many doubles matches, mostly with 19-year-old Caty McNally who won’t be playing in the French Open due to an injury that she picked up in the qualifying round. As tennis partners, Gauff and McNally have won three doubles titles together, including the title at the Emilia-Romagna Open in Italy, to add to their pro career. To kick off Wednesday’s doubles match in Paris, Coco Gauff and Venus Williams will battle 13th seeded Ellen Perez and her partner Zheng Saisai.                                                  


Gauff first grabbed the national spotlight at the Wimbledon Open in 2019 when she defeated Venus Williams in straight sets, 6-4, 6-4, in the opening round. She also stunned the seven-time Grand Slam champion at last year’s Australian Open.                                


For the 15-year-old teenager, it was a jaw-dropping experience when she defeated Williams at Wimbledon. On that day, Gauff played a beautiful tennis match. She kept her composure and delivered shots all over the tennis court. She never cut Williams any breaks. Coco’s shots were clocked at 118 m.p.h.                                                      


As a spectator, you could see Coco’s competitive fire. You could see it in her eyes. Gauff managed to keep her cool under pressure. She controlled the match from start to finish. It was an amazing performance by a teenager who is 24-years younger than Venus Williams. Despite the age difference, Coco was still able to step up to the challenge and win the match. As the two players shook hands, Coco thanked Williams for being her idol.                                 


“Thank you for everything you’ve done,” Coco said. “I wouldn’t be here without you.”                                       

After Coco’s second victory over Venus Williams, it seems like her matches started getting much harder. Fourth-round loses at 2020 Wimbledon and the 2020 Australia Open seemed to bring Coco Gauff back down to earth. Those defeats as well as a few others gave Gauff a wake-up call. From those defeats, Coco knew exactly what she needed to do. She had to work much harder at her game. She was able to take some time off and get her act together. And that’s exactly what she did. Two weeks ago, Coco Gauff managed to pull off an incredible sweep at the WTA’s Emilia-Romagana Open in Parma, Italy. The 17-year-old tennis star won the singles and doubles titles on the red-dirt surface in Italy. She managed to produce a 12-3 record on the clay surface. Never before has a teenager swept a singles and doubles title at a WTA  tournament since Maria Sharapova did it back in 2004.


Since February, Gauff has won one singles title, helped win a doubles title, reached two semi-finals and competed in two quarter-finals in seven months. Today, Coco is chasing tennis greatness thanks to the critics and the passion she has for the game. There’s no mistake that everything is falling in place for the talented teenager.         Right now, Gauff is the youngest female player ranked in the Top 100 by the Women’s Tennis Association and has a career-high ranking of No. 25 in the world in singles and she’s No. 42 in double matches.                                                           


As a 17-year-old tennis star, Coco Gauff is earning more money than some of her friends.  According to multiple reports, Gauff has a net worth of $ 2.5 million. Going into the 2019 Wimbledon tournament, Coco was earning $ 75,000 in her career. Included in her earnings, Gauff has the endorsement of a sneaker company. She is featured in several TV commercials. Coco Gauff is a big promoter for New Balance sneakers. Since being back on the winning track, her success as a 17-year-old tennis star has made Coco Gauff a WTA champion again. Based on her current success, Gauff is projected to become a star in grand slam events. Gauff will not only be seeded in a grand slam event for the first time at Roland Garrios, but she will most likely be a favorite to secure the fourth and final spot in the U.S. Olympics.                          


Today, Coco is happy about her tennis future. With the help of her father, Cori Gauff, Coco has become a better tennis player in her two-year pro career. She continues to make believers out of the haters. She has worked hard to satisfy her loyal fans.                             


“There was a time when people didn’t believe in me,” said Gauff. Especially during a time when people were saying, ‘it’s a fluke and it will never happen again’. From that point on, I have proven all those people wrong and right now, I will I’m going to continue to prove them wrong again.”


Today, it’s just a matter of time before Gauff proves she’s the best Black female tennis player in the world. Right now, she is doing all the right things to make that a reality. She’s on pace to make more history in pro tennis. Today, she’s definitely a teenager who’s ahead of her time. In addition to competing in doubles together at the French Open, Gauff and Williams will also compete in the tournament’s singles matches.                                                     

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