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The Arts + Business Council (ABC) announces the launch of its new artist directory. The directory includes local artists from the Greater Philadelphia region, musicians, actors, dancers, cultural organizations, and other professionals in the arts industry. It provides the regional creative community a place to showcase their work to area businesses for corporate events, meetings, and gatherings that can be enhanced through an arts experience, display or entertainment. The directory is not intended to serve as a marketplace to advertise products or professional services.

“We are so pleased to offer this platform for businesses and patrons of the arts as a way to connect with our region’s extraordinary artists,” said Diana Lind, Executive Director, Arts + Business Council for Greater Philadelphia. "Over the years, we’ve had so much interest in the performances, films and design thinking exercises showcased at our events and we wanted a way to share all this talent. We love how these performances can introduce business professionals to artists and vice versa.”

Artists can submit to the directory by first filling out our interest form. Submissions must represent an individual artist, artist group or arts and culture organization from the 11-county Greater Philadelphia region. The Arts + Business Council reviews submissions at its sole discretion.

“SEI is proud to support the Arts + Business Council and this initiative to further bring together the creative and business communities,” said Dennis McGonigle, Chief Financial Officer at SEI. “Their programs foster collaboration, which is vital to making a positive social and economic impact in the Greater Philadelphia region.”

The directory can be found on the Arts + Business Council’s website here.

The Arts + Business Council for Greater Philadelphia

The mission of the Arts + Business Council is to catalyze a new framework to innovate by investing in and connecting the creative economy to the business community through programs that foster an immersive exchange.

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