Image: Kevin Fauntelroy passes away after tough fight with Covid-19

Today, many people are devastated over the sudden death of Kevin Fauntelroy. The former West Philadelphia High assistant football coach passed away on Friday, September 24 after a tough fight with Covid-19. According to a couple of his friends who were dearly close to his family, Fauntelroy was rushed to the hospital that Thursday after he experienced a bad headache. His headache kept getting worse and worse. Once doctors discovered how bad his headache had become, they ran several tests and concluded Fauntelroy contracted Covid-19. The doctors kept Fauntelroy overnight and that’s when his condition started getting a lot worse. That same night, his heart stopped but the doctors were able to revive him. However, that next morning, his condition failed. Fauntelroy died that Friday morning. He was only 55-years old.

Today, the coaches of the West Philadelphia High Football team are devastated. They can’t believe Fauntelroy passed away at such a young age. Fauntelroy helped coach the West Philadelphia High football team as an upbeat assistant coach. He ran the wide receivers and defensive backs. He helped develop the football skills of Teair Tart who now plays in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. He helped turn Tart into a tougher football player. Fauntelroy was the type of assistant football coach who could bring the best out of his players. He did it time and time again.

Back in 2015, the West Philadelphia High football team terrorized the Public League with a 11-1 record. The Speedboys started the season at 2-0 for the first time since 1988 and they kept winning games until they reached 6-0. They finished the season at 11-1. It was their best season since 1929. Fauntelroy was a big part of that winning West Philadelphia High coaching staff.                                                                 

That next season, it became a rebuilding year for the Speedboys. They didn’t win that many games. And then in 2017, the Speedboys started winning games again. They made the playoffs but got knocked out in the early rounds. Before they played Turkey Bowl game, Fauntelroy’s father, Ernie Wilson, had passed away. He died on November 6, 2017. His father was also on the West Philadelphia Speedboys coaching staff. Fauntelroy learned a lot about football from his father. After the 2017 season ended, Fauntelroy left West Philadelphia High. He spent his remaining coaching years at John Bartram High and Mastery North. He loved coaching football. He was a devoted Philadelphia Eagles fan.              

As a reporter, I covered much of Fauntelroy’s track career at Overbrook High School. He was a dynamic runner who ran on Overbrook’s relay team. In 1984, Fauntelroy helped Overbrook win the indoor state championship. They were only the second Public League track team to ever pull off that feat. They were ranked # 5 in the nation during the indoor season. Fauntelroy ran on Overbrook’s relay team with Robert Bailey, Anthony Sampson and Ray Beckham. They were a fast-moving relay team. They were the best in Public League Track.                                                           

After high school, Fauntelroy attended North Carolina Central University where he also ran on the track team. After college, Fauntelroy married his girlfriend, Crystal D. Russel. They spent many happy years together. He shared many happy moments with his wife. He cherished every moment with her.

Fauntelroy’s funeral was held on Friday, October 1, at Seeds of Greatness Bible Church, located in New Castle, Delaware. Over 200 people attended his funeral as they gave tribute to a great role model. He is very beloved and is missed by all of us.

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